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If you're looking for a fresh voice for your radio station, you've come to the right place.

Hi and welcome to my website. I'm Scott Lockwood. I've been in radio broadcasting since 1976 and have been fortunate enough to have worked for some of the best radio stations and broadcasters in the business. My experience includes many well known radio stations in Los Angeles and Central Europe. Stations like KIIS AM/FM, KRTH-FM (K-Earth 101), KOST 103.5 and the legendary KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles. In Europe I've worked for RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) as well as about a dozen and a half other well known radio stations, including the popular stations in The Radio Group.

This is a website that commemorates some of the hundreds of on-air drops, show opens, announcements and spots I've done over the years. Look around, take a listen and if you're in the market for a hard working professional who can help grow ratings and sell more advertising, call me. I'm usually in the USA and available at 714-241-1111 or on Skype. I'd love to hear from you, so call or Skype me today.

Voice Over Demos

Voice Overs

Here's a collection of various voiceovers from the past 15 years. They are categorized so feel free to listen to one or all of them. Use your browser's back button to return and hear the next cut. I hope you like what you hear. When so, call me for custom work for your station or sponsors.


Production Time Size
Less Talk - More Rock 00:14 237kb
Hard Rock Life 00:16 638kb
Ready Steady Go 00:14 574kb
Special Radio Broadcast 00:15 610kb
Smart Listeners 00:08 339kb
Feel Good Rock 'n' Roll 00:04 143kb
First On The Dial 00:12 282kb
The Home of Rock 'n' Roll 00:04 143kb
KFI AM 640 Bumper 00:04 143kb
More Stimulating Rock Radio 00:12 298kb
Scott Lockwood helps keep our stations sounding more professional than the competitors and his spots always help sell clients. You'll make more money with the voice of Scott Lockwood. -- Steve Schwenk, The Radio Group

Show Opens & Closes

Production Time Size
Headbanger's Ball - Open 01:10 1.61mb
Headbanger's Ball - Close 00:34 809kb
Live In The Night - Open 00:31 737kb
Get You Started - Internet Radio Stream Open 00:17 676kb
Euro Rock 20 - Countdown Show Open 00:22 528kb
Euro Rock 20 - Countdown Show Close 00:25 664kb


Production Time Size
Star-FM Berlin Impressum 01:04 1.52mb
Fees & Packages

Premiere Unlimited Voiceovers

Unlimited spots, drops, promos, trailers and announcements. Professional voice overs delivered on call 365 days a year. You provide the copy, I provide the voice, you finish the production in house. Turnaround time is generally 24 hours. Premiere Unlimited Voiceovers is a yearly package, on contract with market exclusivity. Market size is based on Arbitron market ranking at the time of signing.

Market Fee Year Total
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago $1000/mo $12,000
Large Market (4-25) $750/mo $9,000
Medium Market (26-100) $500/mo $6,000
Small Market (101-330) $300/mo $3,600
Unrated Market $200/mo $2400

Fees are based on a one year contract.
Payment: In advance, billed on the 1st of each month
Terms: Net 7
Discount: Less 5% for an advance yearly payment
Scott Lockwood Media accepts all major credit and debit cards, plus Paypal and a pay by E-Mail service.

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

For a printable copy of Scott Lockwood's experience and current Curriculum Vitae, click here.


There are three ways to get in touch. Phone, E-Mail and Skype.

USA: 714-241-1111
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